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Baked pork muscles

Baked pork muscles

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That being said, I took a one-pound piece of pork muscle and cut it in half and cut it in place so I could insert thin slices of garlic. I also spread some of the garlic slices through the tray, and with one part I spread the meat.

Then I seasoned the pork tenderloin with salt, marjoram and chilli and placed the pieces of meat in a tray that I greased with a little wok oil. As I mentioned before, I really like the wok oil because it is very fragrant and I thought it would fit very well with this dish. I didn't put much oil because the meat would leave its fat anyway, I just put enough to grease the bottom of the tray and its walls.

Then I took some well-ripened tomatoes and cut them into slices that I placed both in the tray and on top of the two pieces of meat. I poured half a glass of water and put the tray in the oven over low heat.

After an hour I had, during which time the meat had left enough juice that had evaporated in the meantime - which made the meat reduce its volume - I took the tray out of the oven. The tomatoes had done their job because such a good sauce came out that we licked our fingers.

The meat came out very tender and brown, and the taste, considering that I ate everything at one meal as I said above, well you will convince yourself of the taste by cooking it. We liked it so much that I plan to prepare this delicious dish again soon :)

Pan-fried pork tenderloin

We start by seasoning the pork tenderloin with salt, pepper and smoked paprika. & Icircl cover with fresh foil and & icircl let rest 40-50 minutes, cold. After this interval, grease non-stick pan Regis Stone Diamond with a little oil and put it on the heat.

Add the pieces of muscle and icircn pan and brown them on all sides, over high heat. Let them rest for 6-8 minutes, covered, during which time we clean the garlic.

Slice the garlic cloves into thinner slices. We cut the pieces of pork muscle from place to place and insert the slices of garlic into notches.

Sprinkle a little more thyme and basil powder over the meat and place the pan and two slices of a smoked ham. Sprinkle the meat with a little oil, cover the pan, cover with baking paper, then with aluminum foil and put it in the oven at 175 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

After this interval, dilute a little ketchup with a little water and glaze with it, as well as the pork tenderloin and the ham slices. Leave the steak in the oven, uncovered for 6-8 minutes, to caramelize nicely.

We serve the steak from pan-fried pork tenderloin with your favorite garnish, or simply with a salad. It is delicious, very fragrant and very tender!


Breaded pork tenderloin recipe & # 8211 tender and juicy steak, very easy to prepare. Beef is the best pork, it is a lean meat with low fat content. Not to be confused with the chop!

The muscle is small, weighing 500-700 g breaded pork tenderloin 3-4 people can be satiated, depending on the garnish that accompanies the steak.

Breaded pork loin it's a simple steak. It is breaded only with garlic and smoked bacon. We use smoked bacon in the house by my husband's relatives, but it is definitely found in any supermarket.

All the preparation breaded muscle does not last more than 5 minutes. That's why I love this steak. Not only because it is tasty, but also because it is very easy to make. You can find other tasty and easy to prepare steak recipes here: pork steak with tomato and garlic sauce, pork neck in the oven, pork chop in beer, pork chop in red wine sauce, pork chop breaded with cheese, apples and prunes, cutlet with French mustard sauce. Do a blog search for the word & # 8220porc & # 8221 and you will discover many tasty recipes. If you need inspiration for Christmas recipes, I invite you to discover here a lot of traditional pork appetizers, steaks, soups.

Breading a pork tenderloin is very simple: with a knife with a thin blade, well sharpened, make small notches in the piece of meat. They are filled with garlic and bacon, arranging the garlic inside so that it does not burn, to become bitter. Do not overcook! You don't want a piece of dried meat. But don't leave it in the blood, like beef!

Now I let you see how to make breaded pork tenderloin and what ingredients you need:


1 kg of pork tenderloin
100 g smoked pork bacon
100 g bacon / kaizer
5-6 cloves garlic
100 ml white wine
100 ml oil
1 teaspoon with dried thyme tip

I cut the pork tenderloin with a sharp knife, from place to place. I filled the notches with slices of garlic and bacon.

I put the muscle in a heat-resistant dish. I seasoned it with salt, freshly ground pepper and dried thyme. I poured the wine and oil in the bowl, I put the rest of the garlic, the pieces of bacon and bacon next to the muscle, I covered it with a foil and I baked it in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for 30 minutes.

After this interval I removed the foil and let it brown on both sides.

I took it out of the oven, arranged the potatoes and the muscle on a plate and then ate with great appetite.

How to make breaded pork muscle, grilled

Pork muscle (can be left with that layer of fat, if any) will be cut into 3-4 pieces, seasoned with a mixture of: dried thyme, salt, pepper, and with the tip of a knife a place will be made in which it will be placed pieces of smoked bacon and thin slices of garlic.

On a well-heated courtyard grill / grill of the apartment will be put pieces of pork muscle prepared in advance, turning them often on all sides (possibly sprinkled with a little water) until well penetrated.

Careful: the grilled pork muscle will be grilled during the guests' appetizers, and we, as the host, will take care of the barbecue, while enjoying a glass of wine and having pleasant conversations about the wonderful winter holidays.

When, pork muscle is ready, it will be served immediately with baked vegetables / french fries and with gasket salads of your choice.

• 500 g pork muscle
• 6 cloves of garlic
• 250 ml wine
• 150 g diced kaizer
• a tablespoon of thyme
• a tablespoon of sweet paprika
• salt, pepper and oil

Wash the pork edge and clean the garlic with a knife, prick the pork muscle from place to place and insert the garlic cloves and the kaizer pieces in the formed holes, then salt and pepper the pork muscle to taste on all sides.
The pork muscle is lined with paprika, after which we can pour over the muscles and a little oil to better catch the other spices. Cover the pork muscle with an even layer of thyme and put the seasoned muscle in the refrigerator, where we leave it for at least a few hours.
After the spices have left their taste in the pork muscle, we take it out of the fridge and put it in a yena dish that we will put in the oven.
We pour a glass of wine over the pork muscle and put it in the oven. From time to time during cooking we open the oven door and sprinkle the muscle with the sauce that forms.
Bake for about 45 minutes on medium heat (ie 175 degrees C), but the duration may vary depending on the type of oven.

Try this video recipe too

Breaded pork tenderloin

1 piece of pork tenderloin, 1 tomato, a few slices of kaizer, a few slices of cheese (I used goat cheese, that's why I had it at home), 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt, 2-3 cloves of garlic, dried dill, dried rosemary., salt, pepper

Difficulty: Average | Time: 2h

Method of preparation

Turkey breast steak

In a pressure cooker, heat the olive oil and the spices. Add the flattened pepper

Veal fillets with vegetable garnish.

Season the meat with thyme, salt, pepper and 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic and put in the fridge.

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