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Samsung Reveals World’s First TV-Matching Curved Soundbar for the Curved OLED TV

Samsung Reveals World’s First TV-Matching Curved Soundbar for the Curved OLED TV

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If you're going to buy a Curved OLED TV, you won't want to use a traditional boxy soundbar—the aesthetics would be way off. Thankfully, Samsung recently announced the "world’s first TV-Matching Curved Soundbar" that is designed to fit in perfectly with their curved televisions. The soundbar, which was revealed at IFA 2014 in Berlin, can be easily installed right beneath a wall-mounted TV without the need of any additional drilling into the wall, giving the look of a sleek minimal shelf.

Matching the 55 and 65-inch televisions, the soundbar has two speaker units on sides, giving sound from three directions for better surround sound. "The Curved Soundbar has a slim width of 42 mm and a curvature radius of 4,200 mm—the same curvature of the Samsung Curved UHD TVs—and delivers a greater sense of curve by surrounding the viewer and providing a truly powerful listening experience."

Pricing and availability haven't been officially released yet, so but we'll be keeping an eye out for you.


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