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Whisk the egg whites with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Separately, rub the yolks with the oil. Incorporate the yolk composition into the egg white foam and add the flour mixed with the baking powder. It is baked in the shape of a heart (I didn't have it so I baked the top in a rectangular tray and after it was baked and cooled I cut two identical hearts, which formed the sheets for the cake.) The top obtained is cut into 2.


Put hydrated gelatin in 50ml of water. In a saucepan, melt the broken chocolate pieces together with 100ml of whipped cream. Stir again and when it is completely melted, remove from the heat. Leave for 2-3 minutes then add the gelatin. Mix to completely dissolve the gelatin put the cream in the fridge until we beat the remaining 100ml whipped cream, foam. Then mix the whipped cream with the chocolate cream.


We put the first sheet of the worktop in the shape of a heart, then we put the cream, the 2nd sheet, on top of the gelatin and put it in the fridge for 60-90 minutes. white, heart-shaped, measured exactly according to the heart shape cut from the cake top. In this Improvised tray I assembled the cake)

After removing the cake from the fridge, I removed the shape and decorated it.


The term "cake" has a long history. The word itself is of Viking origin, from the Old Norse word "kaka". [2]

The ancient Greeks called cake πλακοῦς (plaque), which was derived from the word for "flat", πλακόεις (plakoeis). It was baked using flour mixed with eggs, milk, nuts, and honey. They also had a cake called "satura", which was a flat heavy cake. During the Roman period, the name for cake became "placenta" which was derived from the Greek term. A placenta was baked on a pastry base or inside a pastry case. [3]

The Greeks invented beer as a leavener, frying fritters in olive oil, and cheesecakes using goat's milk. [4] In ancient Rome, the basic bread dough was sometimes enriched with butter, eggs, and honey, which produced a sweet and cake-like baked good. [5] Latin poet Ovid refers to his and his brother's birthday party and cake in his first book of exile, Sadness. [6]

Early cakes in England were also essentially bread: the most obvious differences between a "cake" and "bread" were the round, flat shape of the cakes, and the cooking method, which turned cakes over once while cooking, while bread was left upright throughout the baking process. [5]

Sponge cakes, leavened with beaten eggs, originated during the Renaissance, possibly in Spain. [7]

Cake mixes

During the Great Depression, there was a surplus of molasses and the need to provide easily made food to millions of economically depressed people in the United States. [8] One company patented a cake-bread mix to deal with this economic situation, and thereby established the first line of cake in a box. In so doing, cake, as it is known today, became a mass-produced good rather than a home- or bakery-made specialty.

Later, during the post-war boom, other American companies (notably General Mills) developed this idea further, marketing cake mix on the principle of convenience, especially to housewives. When sales dropped heavily in the 1950s, marketers discovered that baking cakes, once a task at which housewives could exercise skill and creativity, had become dispiriting. This was a period in American ideological history when women, retired from the war-time labor force, were confined to the domestic sphere, while still exposed to the blossoming consumerism in the US. [9] This inspired psychologist Ernest Dichter to find a solution to the cake mix problem in the frosting. [10] Since making the cake was so simple, housewives and other in-home cake makers could expend their creative energy on cake decorating inspired by, among other things, photographs in magazines of elaborately decorated cakes.

Ever since cake in a box has become a staple of supermarkets and is complemented with frosting in a can.

Cakes are broadly divided into several categories, based primarily on ingredients and mixing techniques.

Although clear examples of the difference between cake and bread are easy to find, the precise classification has always been elusive. [5]

Butter cake

Butter cakes are made from creamed butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. They rely on the combination of butter and sugar beaten for an extended time to incorporate air into the batter. [11] A classic pound cake is made with a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Another type of butter cake that takes its names from the proportion of ingredients used is 1-2-3-4 cake: 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour, and 4 eggs. [12] According to Beth Tartan, this cake was one of the most common among the American pioneers who settled in North Carolina. [13]

Baking powder is in many butter cakes, such as Victoria sponge. [14] The ingredients are sometimes mixed without creaming the butter, using recipes for simple and quick cakes. [ citation needed ]

Sponge cake

Sponge cakes (or foam cakes) are made from whipped eggs, sugar, and flour. Traditional sponge cakes are leavened only with eggs. They rely primarily on trapped air in a protein matrix (generally of beaten eggs) to provide leavening, sometimes with a bit of baking powder or other chemical leaven added. Egg-leavened sponge cakes are thought to be the oldest cakes made without yeast.

Angel food cake is a white cake that uses only the whites of the eggs and is traditionally baked in a tube pan. The French Génoise is a sponge cake that includes clarified butter. Highly decorated sponge cakes with lavish toppings are sometimes called cake, the French word for cake. Chiffon cakes are sponge cakes with vegetable oil, which adds moistness. [15]

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cakes are butter cakes, sponge cakes, or other cakes flavored with melted chocolate or cocoa powder. [16] German chocolate cake is a variety of chocolate cake. Fudge cakes are chocolate cakes that contain fudge.

Coffee cake

Coffee cake is generally thought of as a cake to serve with coffee or tea at breakfast or a coffee break. Some types use yeast as a leavening agent while others use baking soda or baking powder. These cakes often have a crumb topping called streusel or a light glaze drizzle.

Flourless cake

Baked flourless cakes include baked cheesecakes and flourless chocolate cakes. Cheesecakes, despite their name, are not cakes at all. Cheesecakes are custard pies, with a filling made mostly of some form of cheese (often cream cheese, mascarpone, ricotta, or the like), and have very little flour added, although a flour-based or graham cracker crust may be used. Cheesecakes are also very old, with evidence of honey-sweetened cakes dating back to ancient Greece.

Layer cakes

Layer cakes are cakes made with layers of sponge or butter cake, filled with cream, jam or other filling to hold the layers together.

One egg cake

One egg cakes are made with one egg. They can be made with butter [17] or vegetable shortening. [18] One egg cake was an economical recipe when using two eggs for each cake was too costly. [19]

Although clear examples of the difference between cake and bread are easy to find, the precise classification has always been elusive. [5] For example, banana bread may be properly considered either a quick bread or a cake. Yeast cakes are the oldest and are very similar to yeast bread. Such cakes are often very traditional in form and include such pastries as babka and stollen.

Cakes may be classified according to the occasion for which they are intended. For example, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cakes for first communion, Christmas cakes, Halloween cakes, and Passover plava (a type of sponge cake sometimes made with matzo meal) are all identified primarily according to the celebration they are intended to accompany. The cutting of a wedding cake constitutes a social ceremony in some cultures. The Ancient Roman marriage ritual of confarreatio originated in the sharing of a cake.

Particular types of cake may be associated with particular festivals, such as stollen or chocolate log (at Christmas), babka and simnel cake (at Easter), or mooncake. There has been a long tradition of decorating an iced cake at Christmas time other cakes associated with Christmas include chocolate log and mince pies.

A Lancashire Courting Cake is a fruit-filled cake baked by a fiancée for her betrothed. The cake has been described as "somewhere between a firm sponge - with a greater proportion of flour to fat and eggs than a Victoria sponge cake - and a shortbread base and was proof of the bride-to-be's baking skills". Traditionally it is a two-layer cake filled and topped with strawberries or raspberries and whipped cream. [20]

Cakes are frequently described according to their physical form. Cakes may be small and intended for individual consumption. Larger cakes may be made to be sliced ​​and served as part of a meal or social function. Common shapes include:

A plate of white chocolate cake balls

The kransekage is an example of a conical cake

Special cake flour with a high starch-to-gluten ratio is made from fine-textured, soft, low-protein wheat. It is strongly bleached and compared to all-purpose flour, cake flour tends to result in cakes with a lighter, less dense texture. [21] Therefore, it is frequently specified or preferred in cakes meant to be soft, light, and / or bright white, such as angel food cake. However, if cake flour is called for, a substitute can be made by replacing a small percentage of all-purpose flour with cornstarch or removing two tablespoons from each cup of all-purpose flour. [22] [23] [24] Some recipes explicitly specify or allow all-purpose flour, notably where a firmer or denser cake texture is desired.

A cake can fail to bake properly, which is called "falling". In a cake that "falls", parts may sink or flatten, because it was baked at a temperature that is too low or too hot, [25] [26] when it has been underbaked [26] and when placed in an oven that is too hot at the beginning of the baking process. [27] The use of excessive amounts of sugar, flour, fat or leavening can also cause a cake to fall. [27] [28] A cake can also fall when subjected to cool air that enters an oven when the oven door is opened during the cooking process. [29]

A finished cake is often enhanced by covering it with icing, or frosting, and toppings such as sprinkles, which are also known as "jimmies" in certain parts of the United States and "hundreds and thousands" in the United Kingdom. The frosting is usually made from powdered (icing) sugar, sometimes a fat of some sort, milk or cream, and often flavorings such as a vanilla extract or cocoa powder. Some decorators use a rolled fondant icing. Commercial bakeries tend to use lard for the fat, and often whip the lard to introduce air bubbles. This makes the icing light and spreadable. Home bakers either use lard, butter, margarine, or some combination thereof. Sprinkles are small firm pieces of sugar and oils that are colored with food coloring. In the late 20th century, new cake decorating products became available to the public. These include several specialized sprinkles and even methods to print pictures and transfer the image onto a cake.

Special tools are needed for more complex cake decorating, such as piping bags and various piping tips, syringes and embossing mats. To use a piping bag or syringe, a piping tip is attached to the bag or syringe using a coupler. The bag or syringe is partially filled with icing which is sometimes colored. Using different piping tips and various techniques, a cake decorator can make many different designs. Basic decorating tips include open star, closed star, basketweave, round, drop flower, leaf, multi, petal, and specialty tips. An embossing mat is used to create embossed effects. A cake turntable that cakes are spun upon may be used in cake decoration.

Royal icing, marzipan (or a less sweet version, known as almond paste), fondant icing (also known as sugar paste), and buttercream are used as covering icings and to create decorations. Floral sugarcraft or wired sugar flowers are an important part of cake decoration. Cakes for special occasions, such as wedding cakes, are traditionally rich fruit cakes or occasionally Madeira cakes, that are covered with marzipan and iced using royal icing or sugar-paste. They are finished with piped borders (made with royal icing) and adorned with a piped message, wired sugar flowers, hand-formed fondant flowers, marzipan fruit, piped flowers, or crystallized fruits or flowers such as grapes or violets.

Sweet Love Poems For Wife

Be it your anniversary or her birthday, pick up a love poem, write it on a card, and slip it in your wife’s purse. She will blush and treasure it forever.

11. To The One I Love

To the one I love, the one I adore,
My only goal in life, the one I live for -
Though we might fight more than we get along,
I hope our relationship will never go wrong.
I love to be with you, I love you around
I’m so glad I’m the one you found.
Though you may not see what you mean to me,
My love for you will always be.
I know you love me and I know you care
That’s why I treasure the love we share.
I want you to know I’m here for you,
Whatever it is I’ll help you through.
To the one I love, the one I adore,
My love grows every day more and more.

12. Love Song

I have to adore the earth:

The wind must have heard your voice once.
It echoes and sings like you.

The soil must have tasted you once.
It is laden with your scent.

The trees honor you in gold
and blush when you pass.

I know why the north country is frozen.
It has been trying to preserve your memory.

I know why the desert burns with fever.
It was wept too long without you.

On hands and knees, the ocean begs up the beach,
and falls at your feet.

I have to adore the mirror of the earth.
You have taught her well how to be beautiful.

13. Fate

Two shall be born the whole world wide apart,
And speak in different tongues, and pay their debts
In different kinds of coin and give no heed
Each to the other’s being. And know not
That each might suit the other to a T,
If they were but correctly introduced.
And these, unconsciously, shall bend their steps,
Escaping Spaniards and defying war,
Unerringly toward the same trysting-place,
Albeit they know it not. Until at last
They enter the same door, and suddenly
They meet. And they’ve seen each other’s face
They fall into each other’s arms, upon
The Broadway cable car - and this is Fate!

14. Let Us Be True

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.

15. Love Song

There is a strong wall about me to protect me:
It is built of the words you have said to me.

There are swords about me to keep me safe:
They are the kisses of your lips.

Before me goes a shield to guard me from harm:
It is the shadow of your arms between me and danger.

All the wishes of my mind know your name,
And the white desires of my heart
They are acquainted with you.
The cry of my body for completeness,
That is a cry to you.
My blood beats out your name to me,
unceasing, pitiless
Your name, your name.

16. One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII

I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,
Or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,
Secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries
The light of those flowers, hidden, within itself,
And thanks to your love, the tight aroma that arose
From the earth lives dimly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you directly without problems or pride:
I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love,
Except in this form in which I am not nor are you,
So close that your hand upon my chest is mine,
So close that your eyes close with my dreams.

17. To You

I love you as a sheriff searches for a walnut
That will solve a murder case unsolved for years
Because the murderer left it in the snow beside a window
Through which he saw her head, connecting with
Her shoulders by a neck, and laid a red
Roof in her heart. For this we live a thousand years
For this we love, and we live because we love, we are not
Inside a bottle, thank goodness!
I love you as a Kid searches for a goat I am crazier than shirttails
In the wind, when you’re near, a wind that blows from
The big blue sea, so shiny so deep and so unlike us
I think I am bicycling across an Africa of green and white fields
Always, to be near you, even in my heart
When I’m awake, which swims, and also I believe that you
Are trustworthy as the sidewalk which leads me to
The place where I again think of you, a new
Harmony of thoughts!
I love you as the sunlight leads the prow
Of a ship which sails
From Hartford to Miami, and I love you
Best at dawn, when even before I am awake the sun
Receives me in the questions which you always pose.

18. I Love You

I love your lips when they’re wet with wine
And red with a wild desire
I love your eyes when the lovelight lies
Lit with a passionate fire.
I love your arms when the warm white flesh
Touches mine in a fond embrace
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
Your kisses against my face.

Not for me the cold, calm kiss
Of a virgin’s bloodless love
Not for me the saint’s white bliss,
Nor the heart of a spotless where.
But give me the love that so freely gives
And laughs at the whole world’s blame,
With your body so young and warm in my arms,
It sets my poor heart aflame.

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth,
Still fragrant with ruby ​​wine,
And say with a fervor born of the South
That your body and soul are mine.
Clasp me close in your warm young arms,
While the pale stars shine above,
And we’ll live our whole young lives away
In the joys of a living love.

19. Monna Innominata (I loved you first)

I loved you first: but afterwards your love
Outsoaring mine, sang such a loftier song
As drowned the friendly cooings of my dove.
Which owes the other most? My love was long,
And yours one moment seemed to wax more strong
I loved and guessed at you, you construed me
And loved me for what might or might not be -
Nay, weights and measures do us both a wrong.
For verily love knows not ‘mine’ or ‘thine’
With separate ‘I’ and ‘thou’ free love has done,
For one is both and both are one in love:
Rich love knows nought of ‘thine that is not mine’
Both have the strength and both the length thereof,
Both of us, of the love which makes us one.

20. Whenever I Am Away From You

Whenever I am away from you,
The distance between us
A burdensome thing,
I always think of you in colors,
The smell of coffee as you so
Proudly make it for me,
The perfect sunlight spilling in through the window.
I miss you even when you are beside me.
I dream of your body even when you are sleeping in my arms.
The words I love you could never be enough.
I suppose we’ll have to invent new ones.

21. I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In)

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in
my heart)
I am never without it (anywhere
I go you go, my dear
And whatever is done
By only me is your doing, my darling)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
And it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing is you.

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
And this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

22. With The Thought Of You

I would sleep with the thought of you,
With the silhouette of a single memory,
With the scent left hours after you’ve touched me.
I would lose myself in the folds of your dress,
The fabric of the shirt you wore
When you fell asleep leaned against my shoulder.
Paint me in the soft focus fog of your tenderness,
Pull me from myself.

23. Love Song for Lucinda

Is a ripe plum
Growing on a purple tree.
Taste it once
And the spell of its enchantment
Will never let you be.
Is a bright star
Glowing in far Southern skies.
Look too hard
And it’s burning flame
Will always hurt your eyes.
Is a high mountain
Stark in a windy sky.
If you
Would never lose your breath
Do not climb too high.

24. I Love You For What You Are

I love you for what you are,
But I love you yet more for what you are going to be.
I love you not so much for your realities as for your ideals.
I pray for your desires that they may be great,
Rather than for your satisfactions, which may be so hazardously little.
A satisfied flower is one whose petals are about to fall.
The most beautiful rose is one hardly more than a bud
Wherein the pangs and ecstasies of desire are working for a larger and finer growth.
Not always shall you be what you are now.
You are going forward towards something great.
I am on the way with you and therefore I love you.
Carl Sandberg

25. Housing

Marriage is not
A house, or even a tent
It is before that, and colder:
The edge of the forest, the edge of the desert
The unpainted stairs
At the back, where we squat
Outdoors, eating popcorn
Where painfully and with wonder
At having survived this far
We are learning to make fire

These poems will give you all the words you’ll ever need to demonstrate the depths of your love .. If you love your wife, make sure totell her about it. Any time is a good time to leave a note and see how the sparks fly.

Love Poems

Now that you have some sweet quotes ready to use on your loved one, how about adding a few lines of a romantic poem? Many of the sweetest love verses can be found in poetry.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.

From "She Walks in Beauty" by Lord Byron:

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her appearance and her eyes.

From "i carry your heart with me" by E. E. Cummings:

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)

From "Sonnet VIII: If Your Eyes Were Not The Color Of The Moon" by Pablo Neruda:

But when I hold you I hold everything that is -
sand, time, the tree of the rain,

everything is alive so that I can be alive:
without moving I can see it all:
in your life I see everything that lives.

Based on a delicate vanilla cream and a fine chocolate cream that blends perfectly with the fluffy sponge cake with vanilla flavor, the Sweet Love cake is the ideal dessert for a successful wedding. The sweet-sour taste of the berries perfectly balances the sweet creams in the cake, being a refreshing and light dessert.
Because we know that the wedding is the long-awaited event, the cake is covered in cream, the chocolate embroidery and the waffle silhouettes with which the cake is decorated are meticulously crafted by our confectioners, giving the cake elegance and flavor due to the combination of tastes.

Storage: 4-8 degrees, protected from sunlight and moisture, keep fresh for up to 96 hours

Allergenic factors: gluten, eggs, soy / soy lecithin, milk and its derivatives (cream, powdered milk, sodium caseinate, whey powder)

• Depending on availability, the cake may contain frozen or fresh fruit

• Whether made for weddings or anniversaries, each cake is unique, handmade by INAN confectioners. There may be small differences in shades
• A difference in weight may occur (+/- 10-15%), depending on the complexity of the cake

• Do not consume! Decorations and figurines may contain inedible pieces, used for their assembly. Remove from cake before consumption

The experts weigh in on torture

I decided to check with some other experts to get their thoughts on torture. & # 8220I often tell clients that torties are the redheads of the cat world, & # 8221 says feline veterinarian Dr. Fern Slack, who owns Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center in Boulder, CO. & # 8220They are beautiful, but short-tempered and quick to wrath. Of course they are not all like that, any more than every redhead is - but I always approach a tortie with a tad more circumspection than any other coat color. & # 8221 While Dr. Slack takes a cautious approach to her tortie patients, she adds & # 8220I've always thought that the price you pay in tortitude, you get back tenfold in love. & # 8221

& # 8220There is no evidence that there is a link between color gene and personality, & # 8221 says Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, a former president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and owner of two cat hospitals, Chico Hospital for Cats in Chico, CA and the Cat Hospital of Portland in Portland, OR. & # 8220It is true though, that almost all tortoiseshell cats are females, and some people perceive females as being more headstrong than male cats. However, the real determination of personality is naturally a combination of genetics and environment. & # 8221

Jackson Galaxy has worked with his share of tortoiseshell cats in his decades of helping cats with behavioral challenges. & # 8220In my experience, tortitude is a very real thing, & # 8221 says Jackson. & # 8220And now that there is a study correlating coat pattern with behavior, our characterizations have been validated. Of course, anyone who knows me, knows I try not to talk about cats in generalities. & # 8221 Jackson feels that torties and calicos are more energetically sensitive. & # 8220I think that & # 8217s is part of the reason why their personalities are always on full display, & # 8221 he says. & # 8220I & # 8217ve always said that cats are energetic sponges. Torties, however, just seem to soak up more, which is why they & # 8217ve got so much to say. & # 8221


Top reviews from the United States

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MOOSE BE LOVE is a standalone read with a happy ever after. There are no sex scenes or colorful language so any age can read and enjoy. The setting is Alaska, small town with a great community of friendly people. This is a fun, happy read. There is a celebrity moose named Ed that visits around the town. Everybody knows him and offers him bits of food whenever he drops by. He seems to know when he needs to put in an appearance to sort of guide people to do what he needs them to do. He has a bit of cupid in him. At over 2,000 pounds most folks are happy to just get along with Ed.

Cadence along with her two sisters have inherited a lodge from their aunt. Cadence is the only one that can go to Alaska to sign all the papers and to look over the lodge. She plans to go in and see what needs to be done and then put it up for sale. All the sisters agree to that decision. Cadence lives in Kansas and she works for a top-notch real estate broker. The boss is not the nicest person and she uses and abuses Cadence's eagerness to learn from the very best and then become an agent herself. She loved the lodge when she was a child and she is anxious to see it again.

Ford Harris is the caretaker for the lodge according to the will. He is a handyman and he took pride in working for the aunt and looking out for her. He agreed to take care of the lodge and to try and persuade the sisters to keep the lodge and not sell it. He is quite taken with Cadence from first glance. Of course, Cadence sort of fell for his big dog, Riggs, and the dog's owner.

And then there is Ed. Ed shows up at sort of weird times but it always works out when he has an agenda. He seems to know when a person needs to do other than what they want to. Ed is big and friendly and the whole town seems to look out for him.

Now, Ford has a few secrets that he feels like he needs to tell Cadence. Everyone is telling him not to tell her. It will just scare her off. And then a big surprise arrives with more secrets Cadence's sister from Hawaii.

This is a fun and entertaining read. Not a negative moment in it. I definitely recommend it.

I was not paid for this review. I am not a writer nor do I know one. I am not kin to this author. I am a reader and this is my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. 6/16/2020

Sweet Love Cake - Recipes

I am in my mommy's tummy
I hear a voice
It's my daddy
I hear him say her or me
Why does she got to pick?
Why does he say what he did?
why did he drink and beat her to the limit?
Why or why?

Two years later
I hear a girl and guy say I do.
I have a smile
And I think to myself I got a new daddy
Yeh or yeh!

Now eight years later
I hear yelling and fights.
I try to hide to get away
I hate this thing that going on.
My mom doesn't need this
She's been through a lot
I'm crying in my room saying
Why or Why?

One year later
I'm at my friends parting and drinking
Having a blast.
Smoking and toking
Having our laughs
We go to bed
Me only awake
Their dad comes in and says
f___ me or you can say goodbye.
Goodbye to my best friend that he can take away.
I love her so much she is my best friend.
I take the risk
I lay there crying to myself.
I lay there hoping that it will be over soon
He finaly gets gone and I run.
I run to the bathroom crying so much
I hear him bang on the door.
Yelling and screaming at me.
I stayed there all night until he went away.
My best friend waking up at the cry of me.
She asks me "What's wrong?"
and I told her it was just a dream
I tell myself why oh why? Why me?

Two years later
I am all alone
Days are getting better
My mom and step dad are not fighting as much.
I am doing better.
I see a guy that's looking deep in my eyes.
We start to talk and know each other more.
One month later we are in each other's arms
and kissing each other,
holding on to one another.
I'm so happy I never felt this way
But then one day he went away.
I cryed and cryed.
Why Oh why, Why me?

five months later I am fifteen now
I sit here thinking of my past.
And I know how much I have to live.
My life was not great but I am getting better.
I sit here thinking of how much I wanted to die.
But then I didn’t know why.
Now I know where I was wrong.
Cause with out the one I found
There would never have been a good life in me.
But after I grow up it all gets better.
I am but fifteen and I am happy with the one I love.
And will forever. Yes oh Yes it is true.

(c) 2006 Just 4 Kids Magazine

April 2, 2007
Hi im crying my eyes out right now and thats very sad. There are parents that do care and I just want every one out there that has had anything happen to you to know that I love you and just know when you are upset think of me and how I want to be you're real friend and even if you are mental or anything I still love you thanks for all you're help if you ever want to mention me to people go ahead so they will know ok love you bye

Your story was very touching! I am 46 yrs and 3 months old now. I was molested at 12 years old until I was 15. I ran away from home, got married but only to make things worse. I have never known my own mother`s love! Thank god I now have a wonderful husband. I still cry almost everyday about what my Dad did to me, But what is even sadder is that knowing my mother doesn`t care or love me. My prayers go out to all the heart broken souls out there! Debra

My name is Judith, and I was molested by a step-father from the age of 4-14. My mother set idly by acting like nothing was happening. There were never any locks on bathroom, bedrooms so there was no privacy for me growing up. He would come into the bathroom when I was taking a bath, and sit on the toilet and scare me to death. The first time it happened I was 4 yrs old. My mother and step-father lived in my grandparents home at the beginning of the abuse. One night I had fallen asleep in my mother's bed -she and her husband had been out drinking - and when they arrived home my step-father come upstairs to go to bed, and found me asleep in his bed. He forced me at 4yrs. to let him rape me. he was crazy about raping women. I run into my grandfathers bedroom where I had a bed and slept in the same room as my grandparents. If my grandpa would have awaken he would have killed this man. My mother and grandmother were downstairs along with two aunts that also had been drinking and seemed to have no idea what was going on upstairs. This man opened my grandfathers bedroom door and tried to make me come back saying "it will only take a short time".

I am 60 years old now, have had counseling for this once and was told that "that's just the way men are." I cannot put it behind me after all these years because there was no closure, and accusing before this PED died. When I finally told my mother at 14 she said that I was a lyer and a home wrecker and through me out of her house. I have hurt so bad and never have been able to have a decent relationship with a man. The only way that I will ever put this behind me will be to try to forget. but I can't. I feel dirty, below men, and dislike them all except for a half brother from this pedefile that was also abuse by his father. I want to talk to my brother about our past, but it is hard for both of us. We have been called low-down lyers at such a young age with no one to protect us from this demon. Even my christian grandmother closed her eyes to what was happening, but before she died she told me that she suspected this, but didn't think that the courts would believe a young child. I have prayed to the Lord to help me to forget this, but he won't allow my mind to put it away as I should. Thank you all for listening to me, and it's great to be able to vent without being ostracized by family and told to keep quiet then I will forget it.

Hi, how are you well I can truly understand what you and your daughter are going through I was abused by my father for a long time and I still wake up in the middle of the night crying not able to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of him but I give God the glory because no matter what he took from me he can not take my faith. The person that did that to your child can not take hers either. Keep your head up and send all your prayers to the Lord He will see you and her through this please give her a big hug for me and know that she will be in my prayers as long as I'm able to send them up. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

I understand what you and your child are going through. I was abused for a long time by my father and I'm 22 now and I still wake up in the middle of the night crying but im getting and staying strong. Just keep your head up, be there for your child and send all the blessings up to God. He will see you and her through this. Thank you. Have a wonderfull day

I want to thank you for your wonderful magazine. I am a proud mom to a very special angel to sent to us from God. I did not give birth to Chad, he came to us when he was 3 weeks old, and we adopted him when he was 2 years old.Chad is now 13 years old. Chad is dx with FAS/CAPD/ADHD/SID/BI-POLAR. Chad has a very "uncluttered" faith in Jesus. he knows without a doubt that when he dies he will go to heaven to be an angel for Jesus. He knows that he has already been saved. Jesus is his best friend. We found out a month ago that Chad had been molested by our neighbor, whom we knew and respected, and Chad loved as a Grandpa. I was very angry at the Lord, asking him why. why Chad, with all his handicaps, did he not protect him? I felt like I could not trust him with even the Lord. until this special little boy came to me and said, "mommy, I still love Jesus" I wanted to share this special childs faith with you and others. Trudy House, proud mom of Chad

Beautiful, beautiful web page. It gave me a warm feeling inside to know I am not alone. My ex-husband abused my then 14 yr old son. It too three long years of court procedures, but finally on 7/23/03, our nightmare or our storm is finally over, my ex husband was charged with child abuse, child neglect and endangering the welfare of a minor in family court. My son is now 17 yrs old and has grown to be a strong young man and he too is glad the storm is over and all praises go to God because my son also grew closer to God as a result and attends church with me.


I'm 13 years old (14 in one and a 1/2 months. ) and I think its horrible some of the things that happen in this world but unless we act it can't be stopped. i'd just like to say well done to the people who make all this happen! Thanks Rooth

Hello I am a 14 year old girl. At the age of 8-13 I was molested by my step brother. It all stopped about a year ago. I just told my mother about what happend two weeks ago. It is so hard for me because I should of told her sooner, and now she feels like it is her fault, cause she feels like she let it happen. But I know it wasn't her fault and it wasn't mine, it was the devil that did this to me. I am now starting my life, I'm handing it over to the Lord. I don't want to go back to the life I had, I almost died from an OD. I got so depressed because i couldn't live with the thoughts of my step brother, I turned away from God and went to drugs and anything that could help me not think of what had happen. But now it is time for me to move on and I'm so happy that I found this web site. It has helped me alot, I know it will be hard but any thing can happen when God's on your side.
Thank you and your in my prayers. As always, Elizabeth
Hi, my name is Sherri. I am the mother of 3 wonderful children. I was abused when I was young by my stepfather for a very long time. My mother knew about it, but refused to do anything about it. Life was hell until I left home, and even after I left, it was hard.

I've worked hard to suppress the anger. I am now finding out that my youngest child may be going through the same thing with her father. I have great friends and a good support system. I hope that everyone knows that we have choices. Sometimes our choices take strength and conviction to make, but you can do it.

Eventually, time does heal all wounds. Thank you for the stories, they are all very encouraging and help me in facing this difficult time ahead.

When I was about 2 years old my mother remarried, and her new husband decided very quickly that my mother wasn't "satisfying" so I rather quickly became the victim of his lustrious desires. At 2 years old I was raped by a man 3 times my age also sexually molested and abused. I lived with that guilt and pain for a year. I couldn't tell my mother who constantly worked because I thought it was me, I thought I deserved it for being a "bad girl". And I would try very very hard to be a good girl but the tiniest things out of place would either get me beaten or raped. It would have continued if not for one fateful day my mother came home early and when she did she, she umm saw me being this is hard to say, but she saw him raping me, and it was so brutal, that I was rushed to the hospital because I was ripped open. 4 months in the hospital and 7 stitches left me permanently scarred along with a measly 6 months of therapy. I am 18 now and I have some of the most terrifying nightmares of that man who now is free to do it again. I was so afraid to attend his parole hearing that he got out of his 22 year sentence in a mere 10 years. I deal with my pain now through God, and my own support. I lost my childhood and I had to grow up very fast, and now I am slowly becoming able to interact with men. Although most men terrify me I am slowly realizing not all men are bad. I have once again found God, and I deal with my pain and nightmares through art and by being a big sister. One thing I have learned is that its never your fault, never and your not alone in your pain, if you think you have reached the end of that dark tunnel all alone you haven't because there is always someone with you with that light of hope guiding you along a better path. Don't hide from the world either, embrace it because for every evil man or woman there are hundreds more angels on earth there for you guiding you and giving you all the happiness and love you can ever want.
Sweet Lissa

Hi, I have just found this website which has been a help to me to read. I was molested as far as I can remember once by my grandfather. It wasn't until my first slight sexual encounter with a male that I realised what had been done to me. My family didn't know about it growing up as a teenager, and I became a difficult adolescent in their eyes. When I was 30 I told my mother (as it was her father), at the time she mainly just listened since then she has let me know she thinks I am not telling the truth. This really hurts me and I felt very angry. Reading some of the letters was helpful to know other peoples mothers can be loveless like this too. I now have a 3 year old daughter, and her father, first time been given access to her on his own, has sexually abused her and hurt her. I am proud that she was aware enough to let me know, and we got straight on to the authorities about it but because she is so young they say they can't prosecute. I am worried for her in the future but reading your stories helped me realise that the strong love and strenght I have for my daughter will help us to get over this and it was encouraging to see that in time and with love this horrible ride should ease. My mother chooses to ignore this has happened to my daughter as well, which makes me feel terrible. I am seeking counselling in the new year. May be I will encourage my daughter to attend sunday school so she has a good faith as well.

I have a little different perspective on the subject but felt compelled to write. I am the Grandmother of a very brave little 6yr old girl who has endured horrors that only all of you can identify with. My heart breaks in two when I think of what her Grandfather done to her and then bragged to police about it. As near as we can tell my little grand-daughter was abused from the age of 2yrs until almost 5 yrs when she bravely told her Daddy what grandpa was doing. My son met a troubled girl that was much older then himself and they began dating and it was not until after she was pregnant that we learned she was sexually abused by her father. From that day forward I was always afraid for my grandchildren and tried to keep them from visiting her parents house but whenever she split up with my son she would go there. The police told us we could not prevent her from doing so as we had no proof. My daughter in law called and asked my son to pick up their daughter as she needed a sitter for work the next day and she had refused to go to her parents house. So when my son picked her up he casually asked her why she did not want to go over to their house. With not much more coaxing then that the story just spilled from her as if she was relieved to tell someone. We spent countless hours at the police station, in court rooms, writing letters etc to bring this man to justice. His wife denied either of her daughters had ever been sexually abused and ended up committing suicide before her husband was incarcerated. Both daughters (one being the Mother of this little girl) denied it and would not come forward on her behalf. Her Mother was never even able to face her father in the court room.But without their help he is in prison for 10 to life and no chance of parole for 10 yrs. And we owe it to that precious brave child to be their for that parole hearing and make sure they keep him. My heart goes out to all of you as I know how this has effected my family. My son still blames himself to this day for not being able to protect her. God bless anyone who has to endure these horrible times. And thanks for reading my story. T. Bell

Hello Everyone,
My prayers and tears go out to all of you. I was molested at age 11 by my step-father. I was to scared to tell until age 18. He molested my little sister as well. No one ever told the authorities because he was so violent. I am sure he is out there molesting others. I am 42 now and it ruined almost my whole life, I never could get OVER IT. I went through all kinds of health problems until at age 33 I got cancer (Hodgkin's Disease). At first I was happy, I could check out and go to heaven and finally be happy. But then something happened and I didn't want to die, I guess because I'm a survivor and will always be. I changed my way of life and started fasting and cleansing my body. I also became a vegetarian. I felt the demons come out of me all the sorrow and unhappiness that had been put there by my step-father so many years ago. I feel free today, the bonds of hell have been lifted and I don't think of it every day like before. Sometimes I almost feel like that innocent little girl again. The only thing I don't feel free about is that there are all those child molesters out there doing this to other children and when they are caught they get a stinking 10 years? Maybe if it were 50 years, we would be safe. Little Jessica Lunsford would have been safe. Her killer was arrested 24 times or more, he should not have been on the streets. I wish there was a way we could all get together and stop this, forever.
yours in the light, Kimberly

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