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Spiral cake

Spiral cake

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Wheat: separate the egg whites from the yolks;

beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then with the sugar added in three batches. Separately rub the yolks with a tablespoon of oil and mix with the egg whites;

add cocoa flour, baking powder and essence;

line the stove tray with baking paper, pour the composition and bake for 30 minutes.

Cream: beat the whipped cream and let it cool. Put the gelatin to soak, then on the steam bath and add melted chocolate, mascarpone cream, sugar and fruit.

If the countertop has cooled, cut it into 3 lengthwise strips, syrup, spread the cream and twist well, tightly, placing the spiral in the middle of the plate;

do the same with each strip, twisting around the center, there is enough cream to cover the cake.

For the decoration, I played "spring" again!

Video: THE RACE TRACK CAKE (July 2022).


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