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Puccioni Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley’s Ultimate Mom & Pop Shop

Puccioni Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley’s Ultimate Mom & Pop Shop

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There are an overwhelming number of wine producers out there. It doesn’t mean anything is particularly wrong with that wine, but if the wine I’m drinking has a story attached, I want it to be real, not from the land of make-believe. Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley is fortunate to have quite a few real stories. It’s an area dotted with family wineries, some fairly new, others generations old. One of my favorite stories and wineries for a variety of reasons is Puccioni Vineyards.

The Puccioni Wine story starts way back when Glenn Proctor’s great-grandfather Angelo Puccioni planted zinfandel more than 100 years ago. In fact, zinfandel has been grown on the site without interruption since 1904. The original iteration of Puccioni as a winery was in 1919. That version lasted through 1935, even surviving Prohibition with a government license. Selling grapes to home winemakers during that period helped as well. This is a practice they continued for many years after Prohibition ended.

Moving forward to modern times, Glenn and his wife Laurie founded and run the current incarnation pf Puccioni Vineyards. They farm the family ranch sustainably, doing everything with an eye toward producing great grapes for another 100 years — and beyond. Part of that has included planting new vines in a similar manner to the ones that have thrived for more than 100 years. As a child, Glenn worked this property on weekends with his grandfather. His dream was to one day produce wine from the family ranch. He’s made that dream a reality by producing small quantities of (truly) old vine zinfandel and petite sirah. Here’s a look at the current releases of these wines.

Puccioni Vineyards 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel ($30)

Two hundred and forty-five cases of this wine were produced in 2012. After fermentation, aging took place over 18 months in a combination of French and Hungarian oak. The heady nose is stuffed with black cherry, blackberry, and a core of spices that all invite you in. The palate is loaded with oodles of sweet, and measured, fruit flavors that come at your senses in wave after wave. Dark, deep, and juicy flavors continue on the lengthy finish, and they’re joined by bits of sweet chocolate. There’s a depth to this offering that would be impressive in any wine, but that’s certainly all too rare in zinfandel. Puccioni’s 2012 zinfandel is delicious and eminently drinkable right now; however, its proportionate style and fine structure assure it will age well for the next eight to 10 years. If you were going to make a list of the four or five best zinfandels in Dry Creek Valley, this one would have to be on the list.

Puccioni Vineyards 2012 Petite Sirah ($30)

The petite sirah at the Puccioni Ranch is planted on steep hillsides. A mere 104 cases were made in the 2012 vintage. Barrel aging took place over 18 months in French and Hungarian oak. In the glass, this wine is deep and dark, with intense color. The brooding nose of this petite sirah is loaded with violet and plum aromas. A hint of leather is present as well. Blackberry, plum, black cherry, and bits of spice mark the delicious palate. Tobacco and cocoa notes emerge on the finish along with plum pudding spices, chicory, and a dusting of earth. The Puccioni Petite Sirah has an elegance that is rare for this varietal. Firm acid and approachable tannins add to what is a wonderful mouthfeel. Unlike some petite sirahs, this does not necessarily need to be paired with big, bold foods. It’ll work perfectly well with pasta in red sauce, preferably Grandma’s. Drink it now, or age it for 15 years; either way, your taste buds will be happy.

When I daydream about old vine zinfandel and petite sirah, it’s precisely wines like those Glenn Proctor makes at Puccioni Vineyards that I hunger for. These are honest wines made from an old family ranch with a genuine story. More importantly, they are delicious, well made, and very reasonably priced. This is a true boutique family winery run for love of their property, family heritage, and good wine. If you want to know what real Dry Creek Valley zinfandel and petite sirah taste like, these are some of the very best examples out there. They only make a small amount each year, so grab them before they’re gone; you’ll thank me later.

Puccioni Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley’s Ultimate Mom & Pop Shop - Recipes

Examiner: What makes your establishment unique?
Bertrand: We are the only Five Star Five Diamond restaurant in Colorado. Plus, we also have a unique setting in the fact that you can see both the mountains and city from opposite sides of the restaurant.

Examiner: What is a little known factoid about your place?
Bertrand: In the Southwest corner of the restaurant, we have a Demonstration Kitchen offering as many as 20 guests the opportunity to interact with me while I cook.

Examiner: What is your specialty?
Bertrand: My specialty is fine dinning food. This is what I have been trained to do throughout my career.
Examiner: What is your patrons' favorite thing about your establishment? What's your favorite?
Bertrand: The guests really enjoy the classic fine dining experience at Penrose Room. The food, service and the music – they all tie together to make a truly classic experience.
My favorite thing (beside the food!) is the location of the restaurant. We are located on the top of the South Tower at The Broadmoor. It is the absolute best view in town. I like to come up here in the morning and just look out over the city and the mountains – it is very peaceful!

Examiner: Anything new on the horizon that people can look forward to trying?
Bertrand: We just started a new winter and I would love for people to try the Chesapeake Bay Crab Salad with Carrot and Grapefruit Jelly. The Lamb Saddle stuffed with Fennel and Dried Apricot is also something that I think people will really enjoy.

Examiner: What is the top thing you recommend visitors to your city do/see - besides your business, of course?
Bertrand: I highly recommend taking people to Garden of the Gods. It is the perfect place to go on a walk, hike, sightsee or just relax and have a picnic. The views of Pikes Peak are incredible and with the red rock formations in the background, it is really amazing.

Baltimore City

1. The Charmery

Three locations including their signature location in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, this Baltimore ice cream shop serves up amazing ice cream with locally sourced products. Some of their signature offerings include a sundae menu, seasonal ice cream flavors, sodas from scratch, hand-spun milkshakes, and floats with the root beer right from the tap!

2. BMore Licks

Another Baltimore favorite, BMore Licks carries at least 30 flavors of homemade ice cream daily. Flavors are rotated seasonally, but the favorites are always available. They also serve a wide variety of seasonal and special flavor cones. Flavors like: Mocha Oreo, S’mores, Honey Almond, and Red Velvet Cake. Wow.

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3. Lucky’s Coffee, Ice Cream, and Candy

If you have visited the Inner Harbor, you have no doubt seen this fun ice cream shop on the corner near the National Aquarium. The serve two brands of hard packed ice cream- Taharka’s Brothers flavors such as Honey Graham, Salty Caramel, and Key Lime Pie, as well as Jack and Jill flavors such as Cotton Candy, Moosetracks, and Sorbet.

4. Pitango Gelato

Every batch of gelato and sorbet from this Fell’s Point shop is churched fresh every day.

5. Taharka Brothers

Taharka Brothers is not just ice cream, it’s a Baltimore institution. You can actually buy Taharka Brothers ice cream at numerous places around the area because they supply many of the other ice cream shops in Maryland. Some of their signature flavors include Honey Graham, Wake and Bake, Caramel Crunch, and Chocolate Love.

6. Jupiter’s ICe Cream

Speaking of Taharka Brothers, this ice cream shop near the Cylburn Arboretum serves their ice cream year round! (This is the former location of Uncle Wiggly’s)

7. Fell’s Point Creamery

A fantastic location in Fell’s Point. Try the blue cotton candy, coconut, or espresso flavors!

2. Drone Discovery

In his spare time, Evan Kilkus enjoyed messing around with the coolest toy he owned: his drone. Given that the impressive local scenery practically begged to be photographed, he had plenty of material. Little did he realize that his drone would be instrumental in bringing to light the insane discovery about the lake.

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Since Evan worked at a water sports rental shop at Lake Berryessa he thought he knew every nook and cranny of the lake, so he was certain to notice anything out of place. And certainly enough, one day his drone would capture an unbelievable sight that would shock the local population.

As summer comes to an official close, it seems to be getting hotter and hotter in Alabama. (Some things must get worse before they get better.) Luckily for us, The Factory Café has concocted the perfect late summer cocktail to keep us cool through the last of these sweltering days. This cocktail was served at our most recent Supper Club.

1 bottle rosé
1 bottle Prosecco
2 whole peaches
6 dried juniper berries

Remove the skin and pits of both peaches. Cut one peach into 16 equal slices and purée the second peach in a blender with one tablespoon of water until smooth.

Combine the rosé, peach slices, peach purée, and whole juniper berries. Chill in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

In a wine glass, add 2 slices of peach to 3 ounces of the rosé mixture. Top off the glass with chilled Prosecco.


Words, Images Judith Ecochard and courtesy of designer.

We were thinking about the McDonald-ization of the luxury goods-how impersonal the entire manufacturing and shopping experiences have all gotten.

Psychology often factors into consumer purchases and we think the need to conjure up unique designs with the focus on the customer-not the ‘it’ item---heralds a welcome shift back to personal attention and craftsmanship.
Recently, we stopped in the wood paneled store/atelier of SEW – that serves up bespoke and RTW (“Off the Peg”) collections of finely tailored menswear with a hip twist.

Garment industry veteran, Scott Evan Wasserberger pays homage to his family with this fairly new establishment…and the tradition of a Saville Row like experience, stateside.

With a glass of wine in hand, we got an exclusive up close tour of the goodies last week---and once again feel ‘the clothes make the man’ especially when the attire has subtle flourishes---“cool” linings, unique buttons (mother of pearl etc), and contrast stitching on lapels, hand applied of course.

Long sleeve dress shirts made from the finest cottons sourced from international mills (mostly Italian, duh)---come in an array of styles-as befits the build and preferences of the client.

What dudes get are flawless fits (tapered is in)- and the ideal color/print options given a guy’s other wardrobe holdings- and skin tone. Custom finishes like higher upper buttons for a polished tie-less look “without looking like a guido”…and wider cuffs to accommodate oversized watches are standard.

“I design with what it (blazer, shirt, waist coat) will look like with a pair of denim.” Wasserberger noted…highlighting the high/low trend of wearing jeans with everything and everywhere.

And why not, it’s more comfy. And a custom jacket has all the bells and whistles ---like extra inner pockets for cigars and shoulders with some oomph that can enhance a triangle silhouette- if need be

Top spring looks include partially lined jackets and seersucker.

And a silk velvet blazer in silvery gray would look handsome and appropriate on a young Hollywood hunk.
Formal garb and outwear are available too---in classic cuts or with edgy twists. Or both.

All work is done locally in the tri-state area with experienced craftsmen laboriously hand stitching and finishing everything… as a flawless end product is a given.

This is as fine tailoring experience as any man can get…and as discreet as necessary.

Another alternative to the assembly line retail experience is launching this week via La Mode Revient ---an intimate, upscale POP SHOP like experience meshed with the personal attention of designers hosting the event.

For its debut in NYC on May 1st-- at high-end shoe maker Vanessa Noel’ s salon, La Mode Revient hosts Sonya Rolin (Sonya Rolin Atelier) and Irene Zelinsky (Rolling Stonz designs-a jewelry line) – will both be showing their chic, classic modern designs- and styling/customizing clients from head-to-toe if desired.
Fashion designer Ruben Singer …is also a guest host.

Privacy and discretion in the “couture” like setting is a given. Plus ---the option of sipping relaxing cocktails …make for a unique experience that women of this generation probably- totally- missed out on.

TBD: Future cities with other designers.

Magenta Opera coat by Sonya Rolin

Diamond encrusted briefs (vintage)

White platforms with diamond bow by Giambattista Valli

Gold cuff with amethyst, rose quartz and citrine by Irene Zelinski Rolling Stonz

Larriet with 4ct gold nuggets, amethyst, south sea pearls and rose quartz by Irene Zelinski Roling Stonz


This grab-and-go cooler is perfect for hitting the road at a moment’s notice.

This grab-and-go cooler is perfect for hitting the road at a moment’s notice.

This grab-and-go cooler is perfect for hitting the road at a moment’s notice.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Eating

Food & Wine has some interesting recipes as well as a list of the Best New Chefs. I didn't know any of them, but perhaps you might -

This sounded like an idea with merit, but I don't like oysters so I'd substitute scallops.

1/2 teas. fennel seeds
1/4 teas. crushed red pepper
7 T butter, divided in half
1/4 cup small to medium sage leaves, plus 36 more for garnish. (This is a helluva lot of sage, use your own judgement)
1 teas. dried oregano
2 T lemon juice
2 T tequila
3 dozen medium oysters, scrubbed

Toast the fennel seeds and red peppers in a dry skillet. Let cool and pulverize them.

Add half of the butter to your fennel skillet and cook it until it starts to brown. Stir in half of the sage leaves, cook till crisp and lift out with a slotted spoon. Then do the second half of the butter and the rest of the sage that you plan to use for garnish. Spoon out and set aside.

Pour the browned sage butter over the dry spices in a mortar. Add half of the sage leaves, oregano, lemon juice and tequila and keep the mortar warm.

Grill the oystes, flat side down, carefully open them and add tequila butter to the oyster's liquor.

Add some potato chips for crunch at the finish of making a lobster roll.
Top barbecued, pulled pork with Frito chips.
Go meatless - a barbecue place in Texs serves a sandwich of cooked, pressed cauliflower and three cheese (presumably grilled.)
How about this for inventive? Smoked beet (beet) "pastrami" with white kimchi and Thai chilis.
The PLT is fried plaintain strips, lettuce, tomato and a habanero tartar sauce.

Support Local Coverage

Restaurants and other local businesses are being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Here to Help: Support Local Business” held an all-day virtual fundraiser for our local restaurant community on March 26 and raised $350,000 for theNC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund, which will provide immediate financial relief to restaurant and hotel workers affected by pandemic related layoffs.

You can still donate: Go to the NC Restaurant Relief Fund website or text "HELP" to 919-860-1015

From purchasing gift cards to getting take out orders, there are lots of ways you can help. Search by city or business name, or browse our list of more than 650 businesses in Central and Eastern North Carolina. WRAL and Capitol Broadcasting Company are here to help support local businesses with this database, fundraising and other efforts.

Local businesses offering take-out, curbside pick-up, delivery and online options

Looking to help individuals and local nonprofits? We've got a list of ways to help out

37 هزار نفر در استان قزوین تحت پوشش بیمه عشایر و روستاییان هستند

مدیرصندوق بیمه اجتماعی، کشاورزی، روستائیان وعشایر استان قزوین گفت: 37 هزار نفر از عشایر و روستائیان تحت پوشش صندوق بیمه اجتماعی قرار دارند.

به گزارش خبرگزاری برنا از قزوین؛ خبرنگاران استانهای کشور عصر یکشنبه به صورت ویدئو کنفرانس ضمن ارتباط به شیرخانی مدیرعامل صندوق بیمه اجتماعی کشاورزان، روستاییان و عشایر کشور سوالات خود را در خصوص فعالیت های این صندوق و برنامه های آینده مطرح کردند.

در نشست خبری که با حضور حجت الاسلام عرب مدیر صندوق بیمه اجتماعی، کشاورزی ، روستاییان وعشایر استان و تعدادی از خبرنگاران در محل صندوق قزوین برگزار شد سوالاتی در خصوص افراد تحت پوشش، برنامه های آینده، اطلاع رسانی بیشتر برای آگاه کردن مردم از مزیت های بیمه ای، افراد تحت پوشش، مشکلات و چالش ها و میزان سهم بیمه و سهم دولت مطرح شد که شیرخانی به آنها پاسخ داد.

وی بیان کرد: در کشور 2 میلیون و 500 هزار نفر سرپرست خانوار هستند که فاقد هر گونه پوشش بیمه ای هستند که می توانیم آنها را تحت پوشش این بیمه قرار دهیم.

شیرخانی تصریح کرد: در حال حاضر یک میلیون و 500 هزار نفر از روستاییان، عشایر و کشاورزان تحت پوشش صندوق بیمه اجتماعی، کشاورزی و عشایری هستند و علاقمندان جدید می توانند با پرداخت یک سوم هزینه ها از خدمات صندوق برخوردار شوند.

حجت الاسلام عرب: 37 هزار نفر در استان قزوین تحت پوشش بیمه عشایر هستند

در ادامه حجت الاسلام عرب مدیر صندوق بیمه اجتماعی، کشاورزان، روستاییان و عشایر استان قزوین به خبرنگاران گفت: موضوع بیمه های اجتماعی شامل خدمات عمر، بازنشستگی و از کار افتادگی به تنهایی می تواند مفید باشد و حداقلی از معاش برای دوران بازنشستگی را فراهم کند.

وی افزود: این بیمه با پرداخت سهم دو برابری دولت در حق بیمه و امکان انتقال سوابق بیمه ای از صندوق به سایر صندوق ها می تواند آرامش خاطری را برای افراد فاقد هر گونه شغل و درآمد در زمان بازنشستگی و از کارفتادگی ایجاد کند.

مدیر صندوق بیمه اجتماعی ، کشاورزان، روستاییان و عشایر استان قزودین تصریح کرد: با حمایت خوب دولت از عشایر، روستاییان، کشاورزان، سرپرستان خانوار و کسانی که در مشاغل خانگی و صنایع دستی فعالیت می کنند درخواست می کنیم از این فرصت استفاده کرده و با کمترین پرداخت اینده خود را بیمه کنند تا در سنین بازنشستگی با آرامش بیشتری زندگی خود را مدیریت کنند.

وی بیان کرد: اگر بیمه شده ماهانه 90 هزار تومان پرداخت کند دولت با یارانه بیمه ای ماهانه 190 هزار تومان را متعهد می شود که این کمک انگیزه خوبی برای بیمه شدگان ایجاد می کند.

Watch the video: Unti Vineyard Syrah in Dry Creek Valley (July 2022).


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