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Pancakes with ricotta and cranberry jam

Pancakes with ricotta and cranberry jam

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Posted by LopFras in Sweets
18 Nov 2010 | 4021 views

A simple and festive recipe. Fast and tasty.

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Posted by gurita_ta2005

The potatoes are peeled and boiled in salted water. Peel a squash, grate it and puree it. Let it cool. Cut the plums on one side and remove the seeds, put them in a ...

Posted by rocsi_1612

Wash the blackberries, put them in a pan with the sugar. Transfer them to the fire, boil it until it thickens a little, then set it aside to cool. In a bowl we break the chocolate pieces, ...

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welcome ... the appetizing pancakes you made

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Grooozav !!!

on 18.11.2010, 22:10
Diviiiiiiiin ricotta and cranberries in delicious pancakes welcome and congratulations

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Fasting pancakes with soy milk

Fasting pancakes with soy milk recipes: how to cook fasting pancakes with soy milk and the most delicious recipes for fasting pancakes, fluffy fasting pancakes, pizza with pancake batter, soybean recipes, Thai soup with shrimp and coconut milk, snails with milk, loboda with milk, milk with rubbing, rubbing with milk, wheat boiled with milk.

Fasting pancakes - tasty and fluffy

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Fasting food 15 pieces of live crayfish 3 l water a glass of white wine a clove of garlic 10-15 peppercorns 4-5 bay leaves ground pepper, thyme to taste a tablespoon of salt a lemon and a half an onion for pancake dough you need a glass of white wine, a powder of.

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Thyme, Mint eggplant depending on the portion of lemon juice. the pancake dough is prepared from mineral water flour a pinch of salt thyme mint pepper paprika sweet pepper to taste

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Fasting recipes, Vegetarian recipes, Sauces - 200 ml oil (I used sunflower oil I tried once with a common olive oil and it came out very bitter) - 100 ml soy milk (which you find under the name of & quot soy drink & quot) - 1 teaspoon mustard - 1.

Pancake cake

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Sweets, Pancakes for pancake dough: 2 eggs 300 ml milk 2 tablespoons oil 1 sachet vanilla sugar 200 g flour grated peel from an orange salt for sauce: 60 g sugar juice from 2 oranges 1 tablespoon vanilla essence

Pumpkin roll

Appetizers, Appetizers with vegetables 2 zucchini, 200 ml besamel, 100 g ricotta, 2 eggs, 100 g emmenthal, 40 g parmesan, salt, pepper, 6 pancakes, 20 g butter pancakes: 2 eggs, 100 g flour, 250 ml milk, 1 pf. salt, greenery

Chinese spaghetti

Carrots, Soybeans are usually used vegetables according to preference I used a box with mushrooms 2 onions 2-3 carrots 2-3 bell peppers cod celery soy sauce salt and pepper to taste a packet of boiled spaghetti and pancakes

Pancake tiramisu

Sweets, Pancakes pancake dough 300g ricotta juice from 1/2 lemon 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 2 teaspoons powdered sugar biscuits coffee cocoa

Pancakes with chocolate, ice cream and fruit

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Dough for pancakes

Sweets, Pancakes 250 g flour, 500 ml milk, 1 tablespoon oil a pinch of salt, 2 eggs, oil for frying

Mini pancakes with apples and cheese pearls

Sweets, Pancakes egg (a), flour, milk, apple, pearls of cheese (cottage cheese), milk and flavors to taste, vanilla, cinnamon.

Tiramisu pancake cake

Sweets, Pancakes pancake dough for tiramisu cream: 3 large eggs, separated 150g sugar 240g mascarpone 125ml liquid cream 75ml baileys (liqueur) 85g dark chocolate a pinch of salt

Pancakes with cream and blackberry sauce

Sweets, Pancakes for pancakes: 300 ml milk 350 ml mineral water 2 eggs approx.500g flour 120 g sugar 2 tablespoons flavored oil 1 knife tip baking powder for vanilla cream: 500 ml milk 4 yolks 100 g sugar 4 lg starch (40 g) vanilla essence.

Eggless omelet - the perfect, fasting breakfast

Appetizers, Fasting food, Vegetable food 250 g tofu 50 g flour 50 ml soy milk / almond / coconut salt pepper for stuffing: 1/2 bell pepper a handful of mushrooms 1/2 red onion one diced tomato 1/2 zucchini

Traditional pancake

Sweets, Pancakes -2 eggs -60 gr flour -15 ml rum -250 ml milk -15 ml oil -vanilated sugar-jam (according to preferences)

Fasting pancakes with vegetables

Fasting recipes, Foods 450g flour 2 cups mineral water a pinch of salt a pinch of pepper lettuce tomatoes cucumbers corn radish 1 apple bell pepper red 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon honey salt to taste olive oil

Pancakes with lemon

Sweets, Pancakes 100 g flour 2 eggs 2 lemons - use grated peel and freshly squeezed juice 1 teaspoon sugar pinch of salt 300 ml milk 30 g butter

Pancakes with jam

Sweets, Pancakes 300g flour 500 ml milk 2-3 eggs 30g powdered sugar, 150g grated lemon peel jam 1 sachet vanilla sugar oil for frying

Soy bite

Fasting recipes, Meals 800 g potatoes 200 g soybeans granules 2 onions 1 carrot 50 ml oil 1 bell pepper 1 tomato 1 tablespoon vegetable margarine 2 leg delicate parsley tarragon thyme ground pepper kotanyi 1 tablespoon broth

Post Cake

Vegetarian recipes, Fasting recipes, Apple top cakes: 150g sugar / fructose 400 ml water 100 ml oil 50-100g ground walnuts 4 grated apples 1 sachet baking powder flour for cream: 1 l soy milk 150 g sugar / fructose 3 tablespoons food starch (or flour if you want to get out.

Simple black woman fasting

Chocolate Cakes, Homemade Cakes, Fasting Cakes 125 g flour 100 g sugar 50 g cocoa 1 teaspoon baking powder a pinch of salt 40 g maple syrup 50 ml coconut or soy milk 40 ml oil 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 60 g fasting chocolate 50 g nuts or hazelnuts (optional)

Pancakes with apricot jam and raspberry topping

Sweets, Sugar pancakes - 3 tablespoons milk - 500 ml flour - a cup of vanilla sugar an envelope of eggs - 1 piece 2 tablespoons oil

American fruit pancakes

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Pancakes with orange sauce

Sweets, Pancakes for pancakes: 100g flour 1 egg, 100ml milk 100ml mineral water 1 powder salt 50 ml oil 1 sachet vanilla sugar for orange sauce: 1 orange 1 half lemon juice and peel from an orange 50 g sugar 50 g butter 5 tablespoons of rum.

Pancakes with caramelized pears and brown sugar

Sweets, Pancakes 8 pancakes 50g sugar 4 ripe pears, peeled and core 30g brown cream sugar

Soybean snails

Fasting recipes, Vegetarian recipes 2 bags of soy snails 4 cloves of grated garlic a bay leaf an onion salt pepper paprika 100 ml oil

Pancake cake with chocolate and quince jam

Sweets, Pancakes for pancakes: flour, milk, 1-2 eggs, 1-2 sachets of vanilla sugar. for the cream: 250 gr. milk powder, 50 gr. cocoa, half a packet of butter, 12 tablespoons sugar, 100 ml of water, a little optional oil vanilla essence, rum. we still have.

Classic American pancakes

Sweets, Pancakes 3 eggs 115g flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 140ml milk a pinch of salt to serve: fried ham, maple syrup, fruit jam, fresh fruit

Pancakes with chocolate and bananas

Sweets, Pancakes pancake dough chocolate cream (nutella) nuts or hazelnuts bananas white and dark chocolate for decoration

Chocolate and orange muffins (fasting)

Fasting recipes, Sweets ingredients: - 200gr flour - 50g starch - 150g sugar - 2 teaspoons baking powder - a pinch of baking soda - 250g milk / soy milk / coconut milk - 2 tablespoons grated cocoa - 30 gr oil - white chocolate (optional) - chocolate.

Dutch pancakes

Sweets, Pancakes - 3 eggs - 200 gr wheat flour - 1 glass of milk - 2-3 slices of salami with ham - 100 gr telemea of ​​stronger cow or sheep

Soy meatballs

Fasting recipes, Foods a bag soybeans granules an onion 3-4 cloves garlic a bunch parsley 1/2 teaspoon dill seeds 3 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons mineral water salt pepper 150 ml oil

Pancakes with butter

Sweets, Pancakes 500 ml milk 500 ml flour 1/2 packet butter 5 eggs 1 sachet vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon rum essence

Post Pizza

Vegetable food, Food, Fasting food 500 g flour a cube of yeast (25 g) warm water a little salt zaha oil for topping: mushrooms olives corn soy sauce tomato

Creamy blueberry pancakes

Prepare the pancakes first according to the classic recipe. It would be preferable to make them in a larger pancake pan, so that you can fold them properly, so that the cream and blueberries also take place.

First we prepare the composition for pancakes. Break the eggs and beat them well, add the vanilla essence and orange peel, then pour the mineral water and flour mixed with the baking powder. In case you have obtained a thin composition, add flour until you feel that you have the desired consistency. Heat a pancake pan and bake the pancakes.
For the filling, mix ricotta with sour cream, sugar and orange peel and when you get a homogeneous composition, add the blueberries, but be careful not to crush them. Keep some blueberries to decorate.

We recommend eating them when they are cold, to better feel the aromas of orange and vanilla and crispy blueberries in fine cream.

Delicious croutons with ricotta

Crostini is prepared from slices of ciabatta (narrow Italian bread) toasted with a variety of salty and sweet toppings.

Method of preparation

To prepare croutons you need fresh ciabatta bread, cut it into thin slices and fry until it becomes crispy.

Allow the slices to cool, then grease with ricotta.

The key to these croutons are high quality ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt. Cover each slice with the desired ingredients.

The possibilities are endless!

1. Boiled egg and chives

2. Cucumbers, mint and dill

3. Smoked salmon and dill

4. Leek caramelized in butter

5. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar

6. Extra virgin olive oil, lemon peel and sea salt

The best toppings for pancakes. 7 ideas to try

If you are tired of pancakes with jam or Nutella and you want to try something else, here are some tasty ideas.

1. Maple syrup
Maple syrup goes great with all breakfast specialties, not just pancakes: waffles, skewers, oatmeal. Be careful not to miss the kitchen.

2. Honey
Of course, honey is also an option, especially since you can combine it with other ingredients: honey with nuts, for example, is a delicious choice.

3. Greek yogurt
It is a refreshing topping for some fluffy bananas. If you want, sweeten it with a little honey or maple syrup and throw your favorite ingredients on top.

4. Ice cream
Who said two desserts can't turn into one? Combine them for a great day treat.

5. Ricotta
The pancakes go great with a quality ricotta. Fortunately, it is an easy delicacy to prepare at home.

6. Whipped cream and fruit fresh
As summer is still coming, try pancakes with whipped cream and seasonal fruits: strawberries, cherries, berries. They will be a delight, we assure you of that.

7. Bananas, honey and nuts
A healthy and absolutely divine combination in taste, which goes great with pancakes.

Try some special pancake recipes:

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Pancakes with cheese and baked jam & # 8211 pudding

Pancakes with cheese and jam in the oven, built in layers. A very tasty pancake pudding, with lots of sour cream, apricot jam and raisins. Alternate a jam pancake with one with cheese and it looks very good in the section.

This dessert, pancakes with cheese and oven jam, my grandmother used to do it as a child. In the background is a mountain of pancakes with different fillings (usually alternating apricot jam with cow's cheese with raisins) covered with a thick layer of vanilla cream. Everything is au gratin and the final look is very attractive. Cut 2-3cm thick slices and each slice consists of slices!

Another pancake flour pudding is the simple one, with cottage cheese & # 8211 recipe here.

What I can say is that I fried them in a large pan with a diameter of 28 cm and so I was able to build them long in the form of baking. If you have smaller pans you will need to put 1 and a half pancakes or 2 rolled pancakes, one in extension of the other & # 8211 to fit the length of the terrine. My baking tin is 30 & # 21520 cm and about 6 cm deep. I used 16 large pancakes (4 layers of 4 pieces each). You may need 20-25 smaller pancakes and put 5 on each layer.

Searched words "pancake recipes"

Soak the oats in milk for an hour then drain the remaining milk. Mix the egg whites with the whole egg, vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

Beat the egg with a pinch of salt, mix with the yogurt and sweet cream. Gradually add the malai, stirring constantly

Kulibiac (or coulibiac) is a satiating dish, a seemingly unique combination of puff pastry, salmon, rice, hard-boiled eggs and spinach.

Pancakes: I got the recipe from GoodFood. It is perfect, it does not need any kind of intervention: the composition is too thick,

I saw this recipe on TV paprika prepared by Jaime Oliver for his little girls. I prepared it for my family and she did

Pancakes are one of the most popular desserts in the world. Almost every country has its own recipe according to which it makes them. The most common pancakes are those made with wheat flour, but in Poland or Germany

Mexican pancakes, Caprese salad, chicken wings with sour cream, cake filled with chocolate mousse. We wouldn't know what to choose first. So we send you the most interesting recipes this week and all you have to do is test them.

American pancakes, pancakes or fluffy pancakes. Each of us probably knows them by one of these names. You can combine them with fruits, jams and all kinds of flavors. They are delicious and can be prepared for both

When it comes to childhood, we most often remember the sweets that we can't wait for our mother to prepare, the sweets that we eat almost hot and with so much appetite because we didn't have the necessary patience until they got cold.

Between March 14 and April 30, Easter Lent takes place, the longest fast in the Christian-Orthodox calendar. There are a total of 48 days of fasting, so you may realize that it is not an easy task for anyone.

During Lent, we have the impression that there are only a few recipes, counted, that we can prepare. However, using the same foods, we can prepare many different recipes, which are more and more tasty.

Now, at the beginning of June, the sheep's cheese is fully available at the market, it is buttery, only good for filling for some tender and tasty pies.

What do we do with the dough

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Pancakes & # 8211 Basic recipe for pancakes

Pancakes are definitely one of the most beloved desserts in Romania. And from the world, of course, but in our country, it is a true cult of pancakes! Everyone loves them and I understand why: for most of us it means the taste of childhood and, along with jam, jam or chocolate, each pancake actually has a filling full of memories! And yet, sometimes we are afraid to grab pancakes: the composition comes out too thick, the bap is thin, it sticks, it comes out the thickness of a pie. So today I thought I would show you the basic recipe for pancakes and tell you all my tricks for perfect pancakes every time!

Ever since I can remember, Grandma Sia used to make us pancakes whenever we asked, even if that meant baking stacks of pancakes 2-3 times a week. And, I'm sure, your grandmothers did the same! Because it's not a child to refuse a pancake, especially if it is filled with chocolate or his favorite jam!

I always chose caspone jam as the pancake filling, my brother was a fan of apricot jam, and Luca… well Luca, predictably by the way, prefers pancakes with chocolate filling.

Can we replace cottage cheese with ricotta?

This question is asked by many readers. The answer: yes and no.

I have always insisted that ricotta (urda) is NOT the equivalent of cottage cheese and can NOT be replaced in papanasi recipes (cooked or fry), crullers or lap in the waist or at baked Easter (with or without dough). Why? Because ricotta is a dairy by-product obtained by boiling the remaining whey from the cheese, not having the qualities of the first: acidity, fat, texture. see here how to make cottage cheese and here how to make ricotta.

By heat treatment the ricotta becomes slightly floury and faded. But, in this recipe (Easter without baking), it has absolutely nothing if we use ricotta or urda instead of cottage cheese! Many Romanians abroad do not find cottage cheese exactly like the one at home and they do not even have time to prepare it, so they resort to creamy ricotta from the trade. In this case it is a happy choice because my Easter came out super creamy and delicate, with the consistency of vanilla mousse. It is quite similar to the classic "Cassata siciliana" except that it also has a fluffy sponge top and is not made with eggs.

I read a lot about Russian Easter (paskha) and I found out that, in the past, it was prepared with raw, untreated eggs. Until then, we also rubbed a raw yolk with sugar as children or we made strawberry mousse with raw egg whites and we didn't have anything fixed. Furthermore, homemade mayonnaise I only do it with raw yolks and it comes out great! The same is done Authentic tiramisu, also with raw eggs. Recently, the hygiene rules in the public diet require the pasteurization of eggs from these preparations. Good.

In many contemporary Easter recipes without baking (Russian) the cheese mixture with eggs and sugar is heated on the fire and the result is something strange, rubbery (this is because the proteins in the cheese are irreversibly denatured under the action of heat). I kept looking for better recipes and I found this one that only treats heat yolks (with hot cream), without subjecting the cheese to heat processing. I leave a video at the end with the source of inspiration for this recipe.

I used more cheese (ricotta) and less sugar because candied fruits and raisins are also very sweet. From the quantities below results an Easter without baking of approx. 18 cm diameter from which 8-12 slices can be cut.